Jerusalem Project 2015

Serving HIS Kingdom 24/Seven


The EARLY REGISTRATION deadline is April 15th!  The cost for JP 2015 is $45 if you do the early registration and $60 if you don’t.  CHURCH LEADERS TAKE NOTE: To get the EARLY REGISTRATION discount, you will need to pay for 10 spots ($450) by April 15th.  Then everyone registered under your church by the sign up deadline (in June) will only be $45.

If you do not do the EARLY REGISTRATION, then each participant will be $60.

Did the price go up?  Yes.  For years, JP has only charged $35, but because of an increase in the cost of materials and supplies, we had to increase the cost for JP 2015.  We hope that an additional $10 does not keep any from participating!  If you have any questions about the increase, feel free to contact us.

CHURCH LEADERS: Still haven’t signed your church up yet? Please help us help you get the info you need…register ASAP.